Wigley's Corned Beef

Company Description

Attention chefs and restauranteurs, if you are looking for a profitable traffic builder for your menu, then Wigley's Famous Eastern Market Corned Beef is for you.

Wigley's Corned Beef has a flavor profile that everyone loves from kids to New York Deli connoisseurs. It has been voted #1 by the Detroit Free Press as well as in other corned beef cook-offs. Our famous old world flavor is carefully cured into the briskets so that no additional seasoning is necessary. Just remove from package and simmer in plain water.

Also, Wigley's Corned Beef comes with extra value to reduce your food costs. Cook one of our briskets and you will notice dramatically less cooking shrinkage as compared to our competitors. Plus, our special trim, called Chef's Trim, leaves just enough fat for flavor and juiciness without excessive waste. For more information please visit WIGLEYS.COM or call (888) WIGLEYS


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