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Company Description

ReviewWorks Medical Care Coordination and Disability Management Programs were founded to cost-effectively coordinate injured claimant’s medical care as well as negotiate timely and successful return to gainful employment.

Quality Bill Review services for the property and casualty market must consist of three elements: A sophisticated and flexible software program; Knowledgeable and experienced Professional reviewers; PPO administration program that enhances penetration. Then the entire process must be customized to enhance the customer’s unique requirements and technical capability. This is the ReviewWorks formula for enhanced bottom line savings and the long-term defensibility of your bill review program.

ReviewWorks is dedicated to the art of managing care and cost containment through technology and professional know-how. Ensuring data accuracy through redundancy, automated scrubbing, dynamic logic, and professional involvement as needed, all the while allowing real-time transparency throughout the bill’s lifecycle is critical in ReviewWorks bill review process. Their flexibility, goal setting, and active listening are the fundamentals for achieving measurable results and rewarding relationships. Most important to ReviewWorks is there workforce and partnerships. While their technology delivers operational efficiencies and speed by automating standard guidelines, it is the joint expertise of our partnerships that produce unmeasured outcomes.


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