Lady Americana Midwest

Company Description

Lady Americana Midwest Mattress company is a 75 year old Grand Rapids based manufacturer of ultra premium and premium sleep systems. With out the burden of name brand marketing and overhead we are able to produce a much higher quality mattress that provides exceptional sleep for your guests and long term value for the capital you spend. Our mattresses are produced using components that exceed any and all national brand standards. Our mattresses are the standard at hundreds of lodging facilities around the midwest and are found in many of the finest resorts and hotels in Michigan. Whether you are planning a complete renovation, or changing out just a few sets or building a new lodging facility, lets talk and let us show you why guests love sleeping on our mattresses and provide excellent reviews and rating scores! With a proven track record you will find us to be your best option for quality mattresses competitively priced.

When we started handcrafting mattresses 75 years ago, we arrived at three basic principles . . .

Quality, we agreed we would always make the best mattress we could possibly make.

Integrity, we agreed that if costs went up, we wouldn’t cut the quality of components to compensate. The integrity of the product, sleep quality and durability came first.

Pioneering, we’ve actually increased the quality of our mattresses. We have worked tirelessly to find and use the most technologically advanced components and manufacturing techniques to insure that we keep providing the best sleep, long term comfort life and value.


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